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Dietitian Advice #keto

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This is a continuation of the keto journey. Previous articles:

This update is being made a little earlier than planned, but I have some stuff to update - so may as well!

Diet progress update:

Diet progress

As you can clearly see, I’ve made some changes to the graph since last time… I’ll go through the changes one by one:

Now to actually discuss the data in the graph… It’s only been a week since the last update, so don’t expect massive changes!

I have been gradually curving off my calorie and carbohydrate intake, and as a result you can see the moving average beginning to come down as a result. My goal is generally to get this back down to about the 750 - 1000 kcal range.

After adding the goal weight and adjusting my diet progress based on the latest medical scales and the doctor’s - it looks like unless I make some changes I will miss my goal. I have set a series of intermediate goals in order to try and meet my target weight in time:

As you can see, I plan to reach my goal early, as I would really like to eat a proper Christmas dinner this year, rather than some keto substitute. If I do end up going home for Christmas and my Grandmother is cooking a Christmas dinner - there in no hope in hell that I don’t end up eating it. I also want some buffer time to allow for some mishaps along the way, perhaps things don’t go exactly how I hope.


Now to address some previous points:

And now for the next part!


So again the posts on dead social from the tag #keto

I have not since purchased the GuyLian chocolate - it tastes seriously good and is much higher in carbs than I am willing to introduce into the diet. But generally, the no/zero sugar chocolate is generally a bad idea anyway.

As for the almonds, they are now finished and I do not plan to buy any more. They were insanely high in fat and offered little protein. Their biggest sin was the “fullness” they offered per calorie - one 40g serving simply wasn’t sufficient.

One of the many benefits of the keto diet has been my cognitive function gain - I haven’t been able to think this clearly in years. I am very happy to keep getting sharper and sharper. It’s not yet consistent, but I suspect this is partially the result of how much energy I happen to have at the time due to intake and exertion.

So I had the crazy idea of creating a keto icecream from scratch… I have been buying the ISO tubs for a while, but they are at least $10 a tub and it was getting expensive.

Meanwhile I had vanilla protein shake just sitting there, that I really should have been consuming. What if there was a way to solve both problems?

After some practice, I think I have a reasonably good keto icecream solution. Current it consists of:

I then blend the mixture to within an inch of its life and throw in the freezer for 8-10 hours.

I would normally create a section for medical updates, but there really isn’t so much to this. The session was for an entire hour and not too much came from it.

Going in I though they would spend the entire time telling me I was doing everything wrong, when in actual fact it ended up being the opposite. I spent the first 30 minutes or so explaining the keto diet to the two dietitians, after which they essentially said: “We don’t normally recommend the keto diet for people to do, but as it’s working for you, we recommend you stay on it”.

One decent aspect did come out of it though - I did like the goal they suggested. 90kg means that based on my height, my BMI will be 30, which goes from morbidly obese to obese. The joke is, I don’t consider myself to currently be morbidly obese, i.e. at risk of death in the near future. My health records from the last update suggest that I’m perfectly healthy.

Anyway, by the time I’m down to 90kg, I think I will be in very good shape.

Next Steps

And now for the next steps:

Until next time!