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Diet Update #keto

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This is a continuation of the keto journey. Previous articles:

General Feedback

Whilst I’m not feeling as tired as I have done when I first started, it’s not as much energy as I would get from something like carbohydrates and sugar. I can definitely feel my body is struggling on the new fuel source. Sometimes I feel like I have tonnes of energy, enough to achieve literally anything - and other times I feel like I am dying.

Generally I would say that I have become more mobile, despite the increase in local temperature. So far, I have lost 0kg in body weight, but I do feel lighter. It’s possible I have managed to convert some weight to muscle, but obviously the scales do not reflect this.

Decrease Calories

As I mentioned last time, the goal is really to decrease my calorie intake so I can run a further deficit. Currently I’m not losing any weight (not even water), so it means my diet intake is still too high. I started investigating what on earth I’m taking in that’s sending me over and have two things:

My main meal of the day is about 700-800 kcal and is usually something like:

My second meal is usually one of:

Other that this, I’ve been consuming the coffee with milk powder, which has sent me well over the 2000 kcal daily amount. By removing the mixed nuts and milk power, I should be able to slide under 1200 kcal a day which should very much put me in deficit.

I have sometimes been doing OMAD (one meal a day), which has built into it fasting. During fasting you are really burning your body fats as this is the only source of energy available, but of course you get tired more easily. Before doing OMAD more regularly, I want to make sure the milk powder and nuts play less of a role in my daily food.

Increase Exercise

I have slowly but surely been increasing my exercise. I recently added more weights to my dumbbells, almost doubling the weight. Surprisingly, this is still quite easy, especially for my right arm which somehow seems perhaps 10% stronger than my left. I’ll have no choice but to stick to this for a while, after all I have now have the maximum weight loaded.

The next step will be to introduce more walks to my daily routine. I really prefer to walk late at night when the temperature is cool (I can walk twice as far) and I don’t really want to interact with people if I can help it.


So as I mentioned in the first post, a major problem was in not having a goal in mind. My ridiculously inaccurate scales suggest I’m currently about 170kg (26.8 stone). Based on these, I am going to aim to lose 40kg before Christmas (~6 stone) down to 130kg. That’s about 5kg per week. This sounds like an impossible goal for just over two months, but I have some ideas:

I should make this clear though, I would also be happy with half that loss in the same time span. I’ve just always been one for an ambitious goal.