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Slow Progress #keto

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This is a continuation of the keto journey. Previous articles:

So, another quick update on the keto progress - or there lack of. I’ve been tracking intake, burn and weight (as well as many other things) reasonably accurately. As you can see from the chart below, my weight has hardly changed despite running quite a large calorific deficit.

As things currently stand, I feel tired all the time (something I wanted to avoid) and keep getting mildly ill - something I guess is from a compromised immune system running on low-energy. These things I would expect from a low calorie diet, but I would expect to see results for my efforts. Previously I would drop up to a stone in water weight alone, this time nothing.

I’m going to stick with it because the Science says it should work - and it’s impossible for me to keep moving without burning something somewhere. Honestly, I think in the next month I really want to see something, otherwise I can go back to some of my traditional methods which I know work, with the caveat of destroying my mental state.

Current progress

Some notes about the graph: