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Medical Update #keto

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This is a continuation of the keto journey. Previous articles:

Diet progress update:

Diet progress

It’s been roughly a month since the last update and as you might expect, not much has changed. Still making slow but sure progress. I’m generally feeling a lot better, although not without some issues for sure.

Generally I have been successful with reducing my average calories, and although not recorded, my exercise is significantly up now too. Later I’ll discuss some of the outcomes of this.


Addressing the points I made in the previous article:

And with that out of the way…


This section worked really well for me last time as the micro-blogging allows me to make small notes that I am able to refer back to at a later date. So again I will go back through my #keto updates and discuss them one by one in reverse time order.

Leg spasms are still something I’m quite concerned about and need to get properly checked after the visa medical is done. The spasms have continued after this post and continue to get slightly worse, although not crazily worse.

I need to stop buying keto ice cream in any case, it’s simply too damn expensive to do so. It’s time to start tucking some money away.

Again I discussed the issue of leg spasms, it’s a problem that has essentially been plaguing me for at least this month.

My leading theory is that it’s some form of vitamin deficiency, as it’s affecting all of my muscles at the same time. Just today even I was trying on shoes in the shop and my foot went into spasm. The fact that it’s happening in random places I think is a good sign. If it was just one muscle I would be much more concerned.

Unfortunately the blood tests required testing my fasting glucose levels. Fortunately enough for me, I’m mostly eating one meal a day or so, and this really wasn’t a challenge for me.

So this was me panicking about having to perform the test with the spasms going on. As you may imagine, I was really quite concerned about having to undergo the tests.

When they were taking the blood samples, I could literally feel my blood being emptied from my brain and the left side of my body. Not a pleasant feeling, I imagine it’s what bleeding out might feel like.

To celebrate completing the tests, I then decided to have six beers - as you do. This went about as well as one might imagine. Was pretty funny for me to talk to people whilst drunk and then awful staying awake long enough to become sober again.

I’ll discuss this in more detail shortly, but in short, the doctor was very pleased with my progress since my previous health check-up in November.

Medical Check

This is probably the most exciting part of the report here! Rather than some bullshit wishy-washy “I feel better” report, I actually have some numbers to share to backup my words. The following are the direct results from the Doctor’s practice and additionally I will add some reference numbers, as these mean nothing on their own to me and I assume to you the reader too.

Disclaimer: I’m by no means an expert, so please do not use me as a reference for your own progress, etc. Please seek proper medical advice, specifically somebody who specialises in keto diets to properly understand your results.

Results: Albumin Creatinine Ratio

According to the trusty internet, this is a urine test to ensure to test my kidneys are operating correctly. As my microalbuminuria levels were much less that 30 mg/L, coming in at 9 mg/L - this indicates my kidneys are operating well.

Additionally, they tested urine creatinine - essentially another by-product of muscles. Apparently it’s just used to test how dilute the urine is, encase I had drunk lots of water or mixed water into my sample. This is then used to produce a checking ratio below.

Results: Glycated Haemoglobin

HbA1c is supposed to be your average blood glucose for the last 2-3 months. It is suggested that if you are at risk of type 2 diabetes (which I was), then your levels should be below 42 mmol/mol (6%). Mine at 29 mmol/mol (4.8%) is very good at preventing diabetes.

Results: Lipids Master Panel

The lipids panel is possibly the most controversial - the jury is literally still out to whether high or low HDL/LDL is good or bad.

Checking online, my results are as follows:

Considering I weigh 110-120 kg, these numbers are actually pretty exceptional.

Results: Renal Function Panel

Apparently my renal function is about average. Not good, not great. It essentially just says that my kidneys are functioning exactly correctly.

Results: Urine Dipstick

This test is quite hard to decipher, but I am told the numbers are as expected. I am currently trying to get more information regarding these numbers.

The doctor remembered me and was generally very impressed with the progress I have made. Before I left my previous medical test I informed him of my intension to lose weight, and I think he seemed pleasantly surprised that I had made so much progress.

Next Steps

In the next steps, I have the following goals:

Anyway, that’s all folks! Until next time.