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Tingly Feeling #keto

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This is a continuation of the keto journey. Previous articles:

Diet progress update:

Diet progress

As you can see, I’ve kept to it. I haven’t quite upped the exercise as much as I would hope, but we’ll talk about that…


I was previously worried about my electrolytes being low and purchased some magnesium (et al) to help with it. Now I’m getting tingling in my limbs occasionally. After reading the internet, it seems it could be one of the following:

I’m going to find some more electrolytes during these days and see how things go. Fingers cross I don’t die!


The few pieces of cardio I’ve done were completely effortless. I do have a problem with blisters, etc, but these are things I can prepare for and should get better in the future.

Anyway, until next time!