Coffee Space




I run a custom chat server over telnet that can be connected with the following:

0001 telnet 6666

Or nc (netcat):

0002 nc 6666

You should expect to be greeted with something like:

0003 | ------------------------------
0004 | Welcome to Telnet Chat!
0005 | NOTE: All IPs displayed in chat!
0006 | WARN: All data unencrypted!
0007 | Type `/h` for more info.
0008 | ------------------------------

Just start typing and away you go!

Note: Do not expect me to reply straight away and please tag me in order to get my attention.

The server timeout is currently 60 minutes, so if you plan to sit in the room you may be better served with something like:

0009 while true; do telnet 6666; sleep 1; done


Please contact me at danbarry16 [at] googlemail [dot] com with any questions or queries regarding this site!


Hi, my name is Dan and I'm a programmer from the UK.


  • Current: PhD in "Information Driven Exploration For Multi-Agent UAVs"
  • Previous: 1:1 MEng (Acc) Hons in Computer Science

General Whereabouts

Currently in Essex, UK and Christchurch, New Zealand.


This site is called "Coffee Space" for many reasons:

As a general note, I'll try and keep adverts etc from this page and nothing about this site should ever cost you anything. As a result of that, the domain name won't always be the same and the web-server may change in order to get the best deals. If that happens, I hope that it's only ever a case of having to do a Google search.

In the unlikely event that you find a spelling mistake, page that doesn't work, terrible formatting, text that doesn't make sense, etc, (laughs) feel free to contact me and let me know with your proposed changes.


Obviously, rolling forwards I plan to just make this site contain more information from things I learn on my travels, along with news updates on what I get up to. Like a diary - but hopefully a lot more interesting and geared towards computing based projects.


I would like to say thank you to:

... for helping this site be hosted and maintained.