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This is a continuation of the keto journey. Previous articles:

Diet progress update:

Diet progress

Well, it’s been a little while. I have continued to work hard on the diet, despite not posting here regularly. It’s tempting to keep writing lots of meaningless updates, but really it’s just been much of the same, and not worth your time reading something new.

As you can see, the calories have been kept to approximately 1000 and the weight has been steadily declining. There was a spike over Christmas, which was caused by the excess drinking of (low-carb) beer. I got this back under control quite quickly though, and it made no real difference from my steady weight decline.

I believe I have now lost roughly 5 stone, which is good. I certainly feel better for it, but progress is still much slower than I would ideally like it to be.


In the last post I discussed a few points:

More Problems

So, I have some further problems with my diet - but I am slowly getting better with time at maximising the effectiveness. I’ll discuss the new items in the following.


I found some issues with my recording technique and had to adjust a few items:

  • Coffee – I have been treating this as a zero carbohydrate item, when in actual fact it’s not zero. It works out to be about 1g of carbohydrates per cup. I updated all of my records retroactively, which upped the previous records. On the plus side, I am now actually under the 20g limit per day. (At least I believe so.)
  • Almond milk – I more accurately updated the records for the type of milk I was using. I’ve now switched back to the old lighter almond milk - which somehow now also mixes better with coffee anyway.


I vaguely keep an eye on a Facebook keto group and some of the discussions happening there. The group is mostly aimed at beginners and people trying to keep themselves motivated - any in-depth discussion never makes it past the administrators of the group.

In this group, I learned that I am quite likely doing a few things wrong:

  • Coffee – This can apparently affect you metabolic rate, as well as the way in which your body processes insulin. I did try to reduce my coffee intake, but unfortunately I was not able to do so - it absolutely destroyed my thinking capability. I believe I will have to do this slowly, otherwise I can only look forward to caffeine withdrawal symptoms.
  • Sweetners – These apparently can also affect the way in which the body processes insulin. I have also been counting these as zero carbohydrates, but technically there are some carbohydrates in these. I should look to reduce my sweetner intake down to zero. I have now officially run out, so as long as I don’t buy more, we’re good.
  • Water – I have not been drinking nearly enough water. I have somewhat increased my intake, but it’s still not nearly enough. That water where I live simply tastes of chlorine and it’s awful.


I found myself in recent times wanting to eat more in times of high-stress. I guess this partially answers how I got here in the first place. If I had a looming deadline, I would just buy a pizza and then work afterwards, although not for so long, as processing one or more pizzas would make me tired. In a moment of stress, my brain went back to a previous place of known comfort.

I was of course able to override this feeling, but I think it was important to recognize it was there. In the future I will need to create better stress coping mechanisms.


This is really the last step - which is to do intermittent fasting. The idea is to go one or more days without food and fully rely on your internal sources of energy.

I did try this recently, but it was mostly unsuccessful. I believe I tried to cut out too many things at once, and it left me feeling completely drained of energy. I’ll drop sweetners and fast for a day at a time starting again from the next week. The coffee reduction is something I will need to work on over time.