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Below you will find a list of projects I have written and this is the attempt to offer them an “official” page, including releases and information regarding them. All programs (if open source) should be found on:

NOTE: This page has been extended from a legacy abandoned ‘software’ page, but remains backwards compatible. This page now included works in electronics and hardware.

25/04/2021 LoRa Network

22/04/2021 Books

01/11/2020 Dead Social

01/01/2018 Electric Sheep

01/05/2017 PhD

23/04/2017 SAX-2 Operating System

25/08/2016 Micro-Code

14/08/2016 Collatz Conjecture

14/02/2016 Loader

14/04/2015 Grapher

17/01/2015 Code Highlight

20/12/2014 SAX Operating System

01/12/2014 Website