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This is simply to document the progress of the Coffee Space website itself. It’s now a project that has been ongoing for quite some time, and seems note-worthy.



  • [08/05/2021] Rebuilt the server from a backup due to catastrophic SSH crash.
  • [07/05/2021] Wrote a keto update blog.
  • [01/05/2021] Wrote an article on MathML.
  • [27/04/2021] Added MathML rendering to the website.
  • [27/04/2021] Wrote article on polygon image generator project.
  • [23/04/2021] Added book section to active projects.
  • [21/04/2021] Added ‘robots’ meta-tag to promote search engine indexing.
  • [19/04/2021] Wrote article on LoRa mesh.
  • [12/04/2021] Wrote an article on keto.
  • [05/04/2021] Wrote an article on autism and trans.
  • [05/04/2021] Clean-up RSS code and add random articles to the RSS feed.