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We are an up-and-coming humanoid RoboCup team for the kid-sized league based in New Zealand, Christchurch. Our team mostly comprises of students from the University of Canterbury without a robotics background, with a variety of engineering backgrounds and from multiple disciplines. Our commonality is our love for robots and passion to succeed.



  • [03/04/2021] Setup GitLab runner and CUDA on local machine for compiling main source and running experiments.
  • [02/04/2021] Purchased additional components to solder to PCBs.
  • [01/04/2021] Attempted to solder three different voltage regulators and blew each of them up in the process.
  • [29/04/2021] New boards arrived and have been electrically tested.
  • [28/04/2021] Generative design update blog on current torso designs.
  • [26/04/2021] Motor update blog on current progress.
  • [21/04/2021] Motor circuit hot-fix designed and simulated.
  • [18/04/2021] Basic motor PCB created and updated the blog.
  • [17/04/2021] Automated the build process for generating PCBs.
  • [14/04/2021] Soldered the MOSFETs, but unfortunately the circuit doesn’t work as expected.
  • [13/04/2021] Re-soldered the controller and read out the potentiometer values.
  • [12/04/2021] Update blog on current motor progress.
  • [11/04/2021] Registered the team for the competition, fingers crossed.
  • [10/04/2021] Colourized the debug tool output - makes it easier to understand walls of bytes.
  • [09/04/2021] Debugged the SerialUSB communication issues, fixed existing ping & read and implemented write functionality.
  • [07/04/2021] Implemented the READ command and further debugged the serial over USB protocol.
  • [06/04/2021] Designed the protocol, wrote the packet decoding and encoding, as well as some test utilities. Initial PING/PONG implemented.
  • [06/04/2021] Wrote the initial motor code and got the main control loop planned out.
  • [05/04/2021] Got the Digispark communicating serial over USB (harder than it sounds).
  • [05/04/2021] Did some more work on the MG996R prototype, seems the Digispark clone was somehow damaged in the process.
  • [04/04/2021] Soldered a basic prototype together using a Digispark board, still needs testing.
  • [02/04/2021] Explored the concept of an error correction protocol that could be employed in a serial-based motor protocol.
  • [02/04/2021] Spent some time reverse engineering an MG996R servo motor to design a replacement PCB.
  • [01/04/2021] Currently working on a paper to review the current state of the humanoid league.
  • [01/04/2021] Currently working on a journal for Human in the Loop, a paper that discusses the future challenges in humanoid robotics with an emphasis of human-robot interaction.