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SAX Operating System

SAX source code can be found here.

Operating system


The following are the aims that I have currently achieved (or at least in my opinion):

The following are aims yet to be completed (rather ambitious giving the above aims):


Please read the OS’s introduction document.


Yes, when you have a kernel that is just 512 bytes in size there are some limitations.

Of course, another way too look at these are features. Because of the limits I have set, these have just become parts of the system I have come to accept for what they are. As long as you are aware of them, they tend not to hinder use.

For more information on using the system, please refer to the system document.


Please read the user document for information about using the system.

Current command include:

Typing -v or -h will give you version or help respectively. Only one command line parameter is currently supported per program and relies on the program’s implementation of that feature.


Please refer to the beautiful document that literally took days to write. If it’s incomplete, I ask you to tell me. I know there are issues that already require some attention but anything flagged is a job saved.


An ultra-special thanks to MikeOS, who without him and the developers involved in that project I would never have learned assembly or had any starting point for writing this code. I highly recommend you check out their project!