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Xmas Wishlist Update

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This is an update to conclude the ridiculously ambitious wishlist of items to complete over Christmas. If you haven’t see already, I provided the initial plan here and a mid-way update here.

Below is the list with check marks for the tasks completed. An X indicates the task is completed, a ~ indicates that it’s partially completed and a blank indicates it has not yet been started.

I’ll finish this off with some thoughts about what happened and how I will plan better in the future.

As you can already see, the number of days I want to get completed in the month already exceed the amount of time I have, so let’s see… I want to get 57 days worth of stuff done in 30 days!

Stretch and reach:

Much less important:


A quick breakdown:

Task Estimated Completed Importance Notes
Finish journal 7 days 2 days High
PhD experiments 7 days High
Underwater ROV 7 days High
IoT experiments 7 days High
Christmas 3 days 3 days Medium
Explore New Zealand 3 days 3 days Medium
AI paper 3 days 1 day Medium
Website audio 1 day 2 days Medium Not happy with result
Pinetime heartrate 3 days 7 days Medium Required lots of effort
Oakwm improvements 3 days Medium
Vision experiments 7 days Medium
Motion experiments 7 days Medium
PCB design 3 days Medium
Dead social 7 days 2 days Medium
Nvidia board 3 days Medium
IRC notifications Low
Motor design Low
Programming book Low
Gameboy game Low No longer important
Watch TV series Low Completed too well
Total 71 days 20 days

Well, this breakdown is depressing. Whilst I can account for most of my time (remember that this doesn’t account for everything), I really haven’t managed to complete everything that was required - especially the most important tasks.

Going forwards I need to dedicate more time on high priority tasks as opposed to spending too much time on low priority work. One method to achieve this would be to start working dedicated office hours to ensure the high priority items are better addressed.