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Xmas Wishlist

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So as the observant of you will be aware, I am “trapped” in New Zealand over Christmas this year, as I can’t leave and get back into the Country. Whilst the situation is not ideal, it does present a unique opportunity to get some projects done I’ve been putting off for quite some time.

I have approximately a month (30 days) to get various projects done. Here is a list of projects I am over-optimistically planning to get done over this holiday:

As you can already see, the number of days I want to get completed in the month already exceed the amount of time I have, so let’s see… I want to get 57 days worth of stuff done in 30 days!

Stretch and reach:

Much less important:

As you can see, as per normal I have been ridiculously over-optimistic in my time planning. I will push myself and we’ll hopefully revisit this list to get an idea of exactly how bad my time planning really is.

Believe it or not, this is a massively reduced version of things I am currently thinking about.

Wish me luck!