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The following are some predictions I see forming in my head - which may or may not be true. It’s just that the parts are beginning to form and I think they are worth putting out there.

Don your tinfoil hate and strap in.

Trump Running

Trump has been hinting multiple times that he plans to run in 2024, and if he plans to, he should start campaigning very soon (he never really stopped). It’s highly likely he would run as he’s not put any effort into pushing anybody else. After seeing him on a podcast recently, he’s very much very mentally alert.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Recently news was released that Trump is planning to sue Hilary Clinton for the Steele dossier and various other claims that he was concluding with Russia. Throughout his Presidency he was maliciously investigated by the FBI on behalf of the Democrats - which revealed that Trump is likely the squeakiest clean rich person in America. Bare in mind that Nancy Pelosi actively does insider trading through her husband - and they were going after him for false accusations of tax fraud, when it turns out he paid so much in advance that he was able to skip payments.

Prediction: Biden is highly unlikely to run for the next term, he is well beyond his best time. If Trump is going to run now, he is likely looking to select his opponent as the Democrats have yet to push a clear successor. Trump is suing Hilary Clinton, but this may be to force her to run for office. Campaign candidates cannot be sued due to protection of free speech as per a Supreme Court ruling, meaning that the only way for Hilary to escape being sued is to run as the Democrat nominee. If this is true, it is 4D chess at work - he’s selecting his opponent before even agreeing to play the game.

Ukraine Conflict

I won’t go into the technical details here, as many people have done it much better than I can.

Ben Wallace indicated that the UK had no more anti-tank launchers to give to Ukraine. This may not be because the UK has run out, but the fact that their own soldiers may need to use them soon. It’s extremely likely the UK military will be deployed to Poland soon and Ben Wallace was there to arrange their presence.

What could back this theory up? Well, Biden recently said to the 82nd Airborne:

“You’re going to see when you’re there, you’re going to see women, young people standing in the middle, in the front of a damn tank saying ‘I’m not leaving.’”

He’s well known for leaking military secrets as he is unable to properly separate information in his old age. If the UK intends to deploy to Poland, expect the US to follow.

Prediction: Before May, the West will have a significant troop build-up in Poland. If Russia does not pull out of Ukraine, the West will likely enter into Ukraine under their own “special operation”.


3 months of grain futures

If you shop, you likely have noticed that food is slowly but surely getting more expensive. For some, food has even become hard to find. As I said previously, things are bad and they are highly unlikely to improve. Multiple crucial timelines have now been missed and there is definitely going to be a food shortage, the only question now is to what extent.

China’s CCP have some smart people working for them, after all, you need to anticipate the needs of 1 billion people unless you want a crisis. As a result, they have begun stockpiling various foods - but it’s unlikely to be enough. I imagine they are looking to stock pile enough for critical personnel (government, police, army) and if possible, the poorest people (although there are far too many).

3 months of energy futures

If you drive, you may have noticed that fuel prices are increasing significantly. My old car cost £40 to fill 5 years ago, now it would cost near £100 - and it was a very small engine. Some estimations guess that fuel accounts for roughly 3% of people’s outgoings from their wages.

And then imagine other places where these fuel costs will add up. Deliveries, shipping, travel, everything. This will be a tax on all items, that can be added to increased taxes. Add that to inflation, and we could very much see the cost of living in real terms double.

Prediction: This will push people who were already just keeping their heads above water to the breaking point. These people do back-breaking work that keeps the economy churning, to then barely be able to bring enough home to eat. They will not put up with this. You will push these people to the breaking point.


Here’s the thing, there is nothing governments can really do about the situation (given the current state of things). Politically, all the wheels are in motion and unless Russia have a change of heart or Ukraine back down, the wheels are in motion. Economically, two years of lockdowns came at a cost, and that bill is coming soon - we’ll struggle to even pay the interest on these debts. Living will become worse in all possible definitions, so a distraction is needed.

I believe that many Countries are now looking at war as a possible distraction. It’s possible this is achieved either via the Russia-Ukraine conflict, or some other place. I believe Taiwan is very much primed as a potential place for conflict.

Predictions: By the end of the year, the West in engaged in another war. This likely to either be Ukraine or Taiwan.