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Ben Wallace Prank

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Youtube scrubbed the video where UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stupidly leaks military secrets to Russian pranksters regarding the UK’s aid to Ukraine. The joke is, Russia already clearly have this material, so it’s only to save face in the West - i.e. they want to control the narrative. This is bullshit.

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Luckily, I run an automated archiving tool for anything I watch of Youtube. As such, enjoy the following video.

Title: Video-prank with UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace (Full Video)

Uploaded: 2022-03-23 by Vovan222prank


On March 17, 2022, Vovan and Lexus (Prince Harry, Elton John, Boris Johnson and others) held a video conference with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace on behalf of Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal. FULL VIDEO. Some part of the conversation has been deleted because it is likely to affect the national security of the UK.

С РУССКОЙ ОЗВУЧКОЙ (Russian Translation):

Vovan and Lexus in social media: