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Market Predictions Part 3

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A little behind on this, it’s been busy. Let’s take a look at our previous predictions…

Prediction: On 25/03/2022, we are within the range 1075 and 1055.

Chicago Wheat Futures

Lose: Wheat futures remained strong. I was overly pessimistic about the market correction.

Prediction: On 25/03/2022, CL=F remains above 100.

Energy Futures

Win: Crude remained high.

Prediction: On 25/03/2022, PA=F remains above 2400.

Metal Futures

Win: Palladium remained high.

Prediction: On 25/03/2022, ZW=F remains above 1030.

Grain Futures

Win: Wheat remained overall high and followed the expected trend.


Going forwards I make the following predictions…

Chicago Wheat Futures

The wheat market is still incredibly volatile, I see no evidence this will change. I expect for the next week we will be ranging and slowly coming down.

Prediction: On 01/04/2022, we are within the range 1100 and 1070.

Energy Futures

I really suspect oil is not coming down any time soon, and may in fact slowly creep upwards.

Prediction: On 01/04/2022, CL=F remains above 110.

Metal Futures

Palladium dropped recently after ranging for quite a while. I expect it to come back up as long as sanctions remain on Russia. It’s an important metal after all. Aluminium is also quite likely to be at a stable high now.

Prediction: On 01/04/2022, PA=F remains above 2500, ALI=F remains above 3500.

Grain Futures

I think the most stable increasing trend is soy beans, this is because the world sources a significant amount of much needed diet protein from this. As shortages increase, this is the one food that many cannot do without.

Prediction: On 01/04/2022, ZS=F remains above 1600.

USD Currency Exchange

There’s not much exciting going on here.

Crypto Futures

I believe Ethereum is establishing itself as a stable crypto, and therefore may see a slow but steady uptake in the markets. The amount we are talking here is very difficult to detect though.