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Site Statistics Update

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This is a follow up to the previous site statistics discussion. It’s now been almost 3 months since that last update and I had some expectations about how things may change… We’ll see what actually happened!


Previously we say that we had gone from about 500 requests per day to 1000 requests per day in about four months. My thinking back then was that if I continued to post regularly then I could look to get this over 1500 requests per day, perhaps even 2000 requests per day.

Site requests per day (larger view)

As you can see, what actually happened was that the number of requests per day actually went down. Kind of annoying given the additional effort to keep the site more up to date.

So why could this be? I have a few ideas:

Anyway, I guess the real question here is whether I plan to change anything in order to chase page reviews? I think the answer is no. I’ll just keep posting stuff here that I want to post.


Request per location (larger view)

So the locations data really hasn’t changed by a drastic amount - which I’m not sure what to make of? I guess it really means that I’m not breaking into any specific geographic audiences?


As I previously mentioned, I still want to collect other interesting data! I just haven’t gotten around to this yet. Some additional ideas include: