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@barray on Tue Jun 15 20:20:35 EDT 2021 said: &e
The #ecg and #bloodtest went about as well as could be expected. They took what felt like a gallon of blood. Results should arrive in a few days, fingers crossed the #keto didn't screw with anything. Now for a rest.
@barray on Tue Jun 15 16:48:56 EDT 2021 said: &e
About to head off for my #bloodtest - every visit to the #doctors is always long and interesting. Let's see what ends up happening... Fingers crossed it goes without any issues - but I know I don't have such luck.
@barray on Tue Jun 15 15:55:03 EDT 2021 said: &e
Currently #fasting for a #bloodtest - should get some really interesting results in any case being on #keto ! I hope they do not make me break my #diet for the purpose of testing me. Getting back into #ketosis is a super pain that I would like to avoid if at all possible.
@barray on Mon Jun 14 15:10:51 EDT 2021 said: &e
The past few weeks on #keto have been interesting. I keep getting injuries in my legs, muscle spasms, cuts appear randomly and bruises are made easily and last long. I suspect I have some kind of #vitamin imbalance that I need to address. Ideally I need to get a #bloodtest - but I have to wait on the #visa process to be completed first. The last thing I need is to make an already complex situation even more complex.