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A Review: #GlobalWarming

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I see alot of hysteria in recent days regarding global warming, just now I was reading an article titled: “World on ‘catastrophic’ path to 2.7C warming, warns UN chief” - which essentially warns of the end of the world. Whilst the point is likely being made on Scientific and genuine emotional concern for humanity, as we saw with COVID-19, it creates panic, anxiety and more generally a pessimistic outlook on the future. We need precisely the opposite of these things if we are going to tackle these problems effectively.

Panicked people make poor choices. Doing something is not always better than doing nothing. We must always take the time to plan, analyse and decide. Just look at how many people have invested into solar freaking roadways, and continue to invest into that insanely ill thought out project. Bad actions taken with the best of intentions are still bad actions. We must keep our heads about us as we move forwards.

There is a phrase being floated around by US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which is “Build Back Better”. Expect to hear this phrase more in the near future, especially from influential leaders. I believe this to be part of a global conspiracy (read: to conspire, not to go UFO hunting) that will only be ramped up in the coming weeks, months and years. COVID-19 has essentially decimated our way of living, economy, habits, etc, and it is my belief that it is the intention of global elites to capitalise on this for what they see as a good cause.

I think that we need to have an open discussion about multiple topics around global warming, and answer multiple questions that massively impact what we do and don’t do in response:

  1. Is global warming real? To be clear, we need to understand if global warming is actually happening and it’s human-made (and not part of a natural process).
  2. Is it a problem? If we accept that the earth is warming, will it actually be a problem for humans and the way we live? Is it something that may balance itself out in some coming years?
  3. Is it reversible? Assuming it is a problem to be dealt with, is it something that can be actually reversed?
  4. What is effective? And finally, the discussion regarding what we can currently do, and what the effects of each potential solution will have.

I believe these are all reasonable questions to be addressed. I would like to address each of them as they interest me, but not in order. This will likely be a long and ongoing project, so please check back regularly.

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