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Below is a series of online tools created for your benefit. Feel free to link to them.

1kB Page Category

01/10/2022 CSS-64

10/09/2022 Avatar Creator v1

09/09/2022 HTML Colour Shortener v1


03/11/2022 git-serv

10/11/2021 ytoff

04/12/2020 d3ad social

05/07/2020 oakwm

22/05/2020 Git Page

22/04/2020 Open View

15/02/2017 Free Comment

23/01/2014 Sax Operating System


05/03/2022 Pandoc Highlight Filter

17/06/2020 Darknet Visual


11/02/2022 uDatabase

05/02/2022 uServer

18/11/2020 JSON


The following are unrealized ideas, that I may create at some point in the future.


  • Minimal CSS to make nice websites with standard HTML (see: and:
  • 1kB website page generator
  • Basic markdown parser
  • Web-based chat client without a JS requirement
  • Various useful converters
    • Hashing
    • Numbers
    • Strings
    • Encode
    • Decode
  • Name generator
  • Colour theme generator
  • Monitor page changes
    • Take hash of page
    • Check if page has changed
    • Notify the user the page has changed
  • RSS feed generator
    • Youtube channel to RSS feed
    • Random HTML website to RSS feed
  • News aggregator that collects RSS feeds and displays them


  • Xlib keyboard that forces itself on top of the display
  • IRC server for hosting one room that also offers a webpage
  • Front-end for dead social that publishes when connection available
  • Markdown to 80x25 terminal-like slides
    • Inspiration:
    • Source compatible with pandoc
    • Automatically generate some ASCII art for titles
    • Generate SVG/PDF slides output
    • Generate TTS for slides and generate video
    • Support for:
      • LaTeX equations
      • Images
      • Links
      • Code
      • Auto-running code blocks


  • Ultra simple and fast scripting language to replace bash:
    • C-like syntax with a parser, starts at main()
    • Everything is a function
    • Strongly typed data
    • Stack with scoped variables
    • Ultra-light start-up (probably replace standard library)
  • Cache command line programs


  • A lightweight vector graphics library