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Site Creation V3

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Since the last update, we now have a few changes:

Below we will discuss some of the changes that made this possible.

Example of “Java Hello World”



Liked about the old page styling:

  • Darker theme better for late night viewing
  • Glow effect on text

Disliked about the old page styling:

  • Dark theme sometimes made text harder to see
  • Glow effect on text wasn’t well supported on all browsers

Like about the new page styling:

  • Highlights a programming theme to the site
  • A cleaner white background makes content easier to read
  • Brings colour to an otherwise colourless website
  • Markdown effects do not by default copy and only exist for stylisation

Dislike about the new page styling:

  • CSS file now very large
  • The markdown effects only work in modern browsers


The website has improved!

The next part to implement will be: