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I found myself thinking about RSS again after Niki Usher published “This is the year of the RSS reader. (Really!).

I did then posted about this on dead social:

I started discussing a wish-list of features for RSS, but I thought it would be good to spell these out better here.


Firstly, I think there should be some way to embed a hash of the content to ensure what is delivered is correct. I think the easiest way to implement this would be to add to the HTTP HEAD command, so that one of the fields is a strong hash of the content.

This would allow the following:

All of this also applies to normal web pages. It just makes sense to make a hash available via the HEAD command.


One of the things I have not seen solved elegantly is a way to add comments to RSS feed items and how to post comments from an RSS feed reader. I have a few ideas on this:

Note: Each site would also likely want to perform some form of sanitization of the content they are about to mirror. Dealing with just text somewhat simplified the problem, removing all HTML tags simplified things further. From there it would be a case of searching keywords and manual moderation.

The greatest part about this type of implementation is that it would allow for distributed social media to be built around the concept.

Anyway, this is potentially a way to bring the Dead Social V2 to life…