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Program Ideas

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I have been thinking about several ideas for programs for a while now, but don’t quite have time to complete them. This is just a way for me to document these ideas for a later date.

Short Scale

X Server Keyboard is a program that does what many on-screen keyboards do, except this will be done with some differences:

draw is a basic vector graphics replacement for drawing icons and letters, much like pt-draw. The goal would be to make this even smaller and offer a “fill” function. Ideally this should run in a very memory constrained environment.

irc-serv is an idea for a single chat room IRC server to replace the quite broken telnet-chat. The purpose would be to run a simple IRC server for users of a specific server to connect to. It will be written in C and be extremely efficient.

Medium Scale

Cache Tool is an idea I had to cache the results of programs to prevent them being run multiple times. Specifically I had some computational expensive programs that it costs a lot of resources to run, such as image compression across the entire website or building blogs in general. It only makes sense to re-run a process if something actually changes.

Git Serv is a replacement for git-page that uses much less resources, written in C. The idea is to offer very basic mirroring capabilities to an existing repository that can be browsed and monitored via RSS. The purpose is to offer a basic interface to Git remotes and archive repositories that exist.

ytoff is a program for watching Youtube videos offline (based on a simple cache). It needs a little cleaning up:

OpenView GUI is a GUI implementation for the OpenView NASA image decoder. I wrote a ticket for this years ago.

Iris Messenger is a project I have been working on for years, but it’s a lot of effort to maintain. The goal is to automate this so that I can collect links, groups them, and then have the articles somewhat automated around them by pulling suitable images and text from the article itself. I can then assume the role of editor and come in after to clean up after the automation, making the task a lot easier.

Long Scale

Dead Social v2 is a re-write of the Dead Social Java codebase in C for higher performance. There is also the intention to focus more on RSS processing.

PDA is something I have wanted to write for a very long time as a personal organization device. I technically have everything I need to start this, minus time!

512-byte OS is a project I started but never completed. I’m now thinking to re-write it as it is quite hacky in places, and the intention was always to write a book around it for people to follow.

RSS Feed Aggregator is a project I have needed for a long time. They are all written so poorly, with them having mini web-browsers actually included and try to do too much complex stuff. The goal would be to just keep it ultra simple and lightweight.