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Prisoner Game Part 2

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Previously I discussed the “prisoner game” and wrote an experiment to gain intuition about the problem. This left me some questions and now I plan to explore those:

  1. How does this compare to a random search?
  2. Can we leverage the fact that we know that the experiment is continuing in order to search faster?

So our new additions will be a random search (which we would expect to perform worse) and a search that skips the first box it sees.


The following is the differing implementations - see the previous article for the main implementation.

0001 def search_self(boxes, check, p) :
0002   x = p
0003   while check > 0 :
0004     check -= 1
0005     if boxes[x] == p :
0006       return 1.0
0007     else :
0008       x = boxes[x]
0009   # Nothing found
0010   return 0.0

search_self() is the original implementation as per the video’s description of the algorithm.

0011 def search_rand(boxes, check, p) :
0012   unvisited = boxes.copy()
0013   while check > 0 :
0014     check -= 1
0015     box = unvisited.pop(random.randint(0, len(unvisited) - 1))
0016     if box == p :
0017       return 1.0
0018   # Nothing found
0019   return 0.0

search_rand() is a random search. It searched for yet un-checked boxes, until it has checked the number of boxes allowed.

0020 def search_skip(boxes, check, p) :
0021   x = int((p + 1) % len(boxes))
0022   while check > 0 :
0023     check -= 1
0024     if boxes[x] == p :
0025       return 1.0
0026     else :
0027       x = boxes[x]
0028   # Nothing found
0029   return 0.0

search_skip() is the same as search_self(), but instead skips starting the search at it’s own number and starts checking at the number number. For example, if we have prisoner 69, instead of searching the box labelled 69, they would instead search at box 70.


So, the results are not as expected and I believe there is something interesting at work here…

Attempts vs Wins

So obviously we have have our ‘self’ algorithm that works as we calculated previously.

Next we have the ‘rand’ algorithm that performs poorly, unless it is allowed to check all boxes (as expected).

Then we have the ‘skip’ algorithm that simply performs the same search as ‘self’, but skips by 1. Wait a second… It performs really badly? This was not expected at all. This indicates that the first position we start searching from affects which “loop” we end up on.

Prisoners vs Wins

The ‘self’ and ‘rand’ algorithm performs as expected, but again the ‘skip’ algorithm performs badly.

Raw data is as follows:

0030 self,1,2,10000000,5001457.0,10000000,50.014570000000006%,20769640900
0031 self,5,10,1000000,354262.0,1000000,35.4262%,10672566808
0032 self,50,100,100000,31044.0,100000,31.044%,45544446116
0033 self,500,1000,1000,300.0,1000,30.0%,42518455906
0034 self,5000,10000,10,2.0,10,20.0%,48287585677
0035 self,0,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,6767997565
0036 self,10,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,14948252739
0037 self,20,100,100000,41.0,100000,0.041%,24070816482
0038 self,30,100,100000,2565.0,100000,2.565%,29847178737
0039 self,40,100,100000,13391.0,100000,13.391%,35310234124
0040 self,50,100,100000,31220.0,100000,31.22%,39331259432
0041 self,60,100,100000,49185.0,100000,49.185%,46962140164
0042 self,70,100,100000,64605.0,100000,64.605%,49379891664
0043 self,80,100,100000,77735.0,100000,77.735%,50901500812
0044 self,90,100,100000,89687.0,100000,89.687%,51604109332
0045 self,100,100,100000,100000.0,100000,100.0%,49706191336
0046 rand,1,2,10000000,2502035.0,10000000,25.02035%,39248657527
0047 rand,5,10,1000000,960.0,1000000,0.096%,43968653134
0048 rand,50,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,339515429024
0049 rand,500,1000,1000,0.0,1000,0.0%,367579695702
0050 rand,5000,10000,10,0.0,10,0.0%,607923410899
0051 rand,0,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,7536006420
0052 rand,10,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,89803886521
0053 rand,20,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,155016395627
0054 rand,30,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,217018814940
0055 rand,40,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,268104319902
0056 rand,50,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,311205975417
0057 rand,60,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,346592624045
0058 rand,70,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,393477700167
0059 rand,80,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,437455875647
0060 rand,90,100,100000,3.0,100000,0.003%,436822600070
0061 rand,100,100,100000,100000.0,100000,100.0%,415083683072
0062 skip,1,2,10000000,4999941.0,10000000,49.99941%,21114771236
0063 skip,5,10,1000000,549.0,1000000,0.054900000000000004%,10848657570
0064 skip,50,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,40141763593
0065 skip,500,1000,1000,0.0,1000,0.0%,36626036769
0066 skip,5000,10000,10,0.0,10,0.0%,39426001437
0067 skip,0,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,6327002856
0068 skip,10,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,14754162746
0069 skip,20,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,22457383263
0070 skip,30,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,29181398259
0071 skip,40,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,34925192476
0072 skip,50,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,40708253132
0073 skip,60,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,45181734701
0074 skip,70,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,50143153485
0075 skip,80,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,54583025757
0076 skip,90,100,100000,0.0,100000,0.0%,58502951878
0077 skip,100,100,100000,990.0,100000,0.9900000000000001%,63255395304


It appears that I was missing something from the original video. After re-watching, I now see my error. I initially thought after seeing this result that there was something wrong with the shuffle algorithm in Python. After re-writing my own shuffle from scratch, I realised I was missing something.

If we imagine the problem as just 4 boxes… But this time we remove the numbers entirely and just treat them as symbols.

Complete loop

As you can see, if you were prisoner ‘a’ for example, in box ‘d’ would be your card. But you would first need to visit the box labelled ‘a’, then ‘b’, then ‘c’.

Broken loops

If you have a broken loop, you can always guarantee that your label will be in the same loop as the box with your number. If you were ‘a’ in this example, you visit ‘b’, which then contains your label.

With the ‘skip’ algorithm, we were essentially an ‘a’ prisoner pretending to be for example a ‘c’ and potentially joining a loop without our label in it.

Understanding! That was an interesting journey for me, I like these little problems!