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Marking Program Idea

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These days I find myself marking a lot of reports. The process looks something like as follows:

  1. Get marking allocation and figure out which parts I must mark.
  2. Get the associated files for the marking.
  3. Convert reports to PDF.
  4. Use xournal to add notes to the PDF document.
  5. Fill out form A with feedback.
  6. Fill out form B with feedback.
  7. Add notes from a second marker to form A.
  8. Submit completed marks from form A.
  9. Submit any complaints (i.e. cheating discovered) in another form.

I am sure I am missing some parts, but this is quite a lot to do, with a lot of room for error.

Per per report I find myself maybe doing 1-2 hours of repetitive work, maybe more if you consider how long it takes to find the things that are actually important. There are also three-rounds of marking to be done.

In the summer there is a good chance I have to mark many more reports, and therefore should have a system in place to handle this.

What’s more is that a lot of this process is all done in a very short window. I believe that even if the development of this system took 100 hours, it would do a lot to shift effort away from a peak time.


Idea: Reduce this into one single program.

The key idea here is KISS: Keep It Stupid Simple. We would be plugging a bunch of Python together in a simple and robust way.

It would offer the following:

The benefits should be:

Potential future possibilities:

This will have to wait at least a week till I could even begin to look at this, but is potentially really worth my time to do it. The reason I did not do this earlier is that I did not previously understand the system well enough to improve upon it.