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Headphone Repair

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Sometimes I surprise even myself. I had neglected to trickle charge my bluetooth headphone overnight and they had begun to complain about low power. They take a while to charge, so I would be stuck with wired headphones for a while. The problem is, all of my wired headphone suck or are broken.

I own a pair of Audio Technica M50x’s which I really like, but the chassis and wiring was broken on the internals. To replace these I purchased some cheap Chinese knock-offs, which turned out okay, but didn’t sound as good. I then managed to blow up one of the speakers, so they were dead. Another pair of headphones I purchased then broke from chassis failure too.

All said and done, I had three pairs of broken headphones, all of which had something broken the others didn’t. When I come to think of it, even soon my bluetooth headphones would break as they too were showing chassis failure. Then I would definitely be stuck with sucky headphones :(

Then, a moment of clarity. I was motivated to build a pair of working headphones out of what I had. I figured I could swap out the chassis of the M50x’s with the clones and then use the internal of the broken headphones to rebuild the wiring “loom”.

1 hour or so later… Wullah! Some nice sounding, fully functional headphones!

All the parts involved

I guess the point is that sometimes moments of creativity can be driven by moments of inconvenience.