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Dead Social Release

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Some news update:

There is an official release, yay!

Version 1.0

This shouldn’t be considered to be “production ready” or even near something that could be significantly scaled, but it could be used for a small group of people or some local group. I think you could likely serve a thousand users on a single server quite easily, but I wouldn’t push it much further for the time being.

What’s New?

As you can see from the previous update back in February, we have come a long way. Here I’ll go through a list of the main changes and why they were made and what this means for the project.


Next thing of note is the missing dark theme:

It was sad to see it go, but there are a few reasons for this:

  1. Most users actually do not expect to see a dark theme on a website, it can be an awful viewing experience for them.
  2. I would be making the choice for a dark theme for the end-user. I consider this to be a middle ground, it’s not a white-theme, but certainly not a dark theme either. It’s the best I could pull off with such a small amount of CSS.
  3. It better fits with the theme of the entire website, meaning that embedded content seems less out of place.

The quite like the compromise I’ve found here believe it is a nice starting place for anybody looking to adapt the theme.

Hide Posts & Security

Next thing we can do is hide posts (which display as ‘Message deleted’) and bring them back. This seems like a nice middle ground for deleting posts whilst maintaining the linked-list architecture.

In this version a new role of ADMIN was introduced, allowing a super-user to delete other’s messages. In the future this role will do more, such as the ability to ban users too or make posts permanently removed. An additional thing an admin can do is view the current state of the server, including active users, memory usage, cache state, build information, etc.

The next update was a small security feature that slows down registration and login requests on purpose. One of the problems of having a super fast server is that it also allows people to abuse the service, by filling the disk for example.


As you can see in the below, the first “real” social feature has been introduced, where you can quote yourself or other users. The quoted content is then displayed with your response.

For the quoted user, they also have their page updated showing that their message has been quoted by a given user. The RSS feeds are also updated appropriately.


What features are planned for the future?

Until next time!