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1337 Redirect

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If you happen to frequent the popular torrent website 1 1337x and find that the home page doesn’t work, you may find this is due to a CSP (content security policy).

Do not disable the CSP protection in your browser. It would work, but would make browsing significantly less secure.

There is a copy-cat website with a slightly different name called 1377x, which we can abuse to as the front-end for search. It tries to trick you sometimes, so you will want to use the other website as much as possible, and only use this one to do the searches.

Add the plug-in Redirector, and add the following policy:

If done correctly, you should see the ‘Example result’ as:

Now you set 1377x as your main search.

  1. Note that using torrents themselves are not illegal, just the distribution of copyright material.↩︎