Coffee Space





Done? Est Act Task
[x] 60m 60m Prepare main meal
[x] 60m 60m Morning wash
[x] 120m 120m Check RSS feeds
[x] 20m 20m Daily brief
[x] 60m 240m Meet up with friend
[x] 60m 60m Write poem for friend
[x] 60m 60m Short shopping trip
[x] 30m 30m Transfer money between accounts
[ ] 60m Fix previous briefs
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Reply supervisor
[ ] 30m PhD: Reply editor
[ ] 120m PhD: Prepare plan
[ ] 60m HITL: Communications
[ ] 60m HITL: Print latest journal
[ ] 240m HITL: Review journal paper
[ ] 60m CS: Add read time to articles
[ ] 30m CS: Update book reading list
[ ] 240m CS: Black hole idea
[ ] 240m CS: Iris Messenger reboot
[ ] 240m CS: Review NZ traffic light system
[ ] 30m RC: Newsletter
[ ] 30m RC: Rest of year plan
[ ] 30m Purchase new phone battery
[x] 60m 120m Midnight walk
2030m 800m Totals