Coffee Space





Done? Est Act Task
[x] 60m 60m Prepare main meal
[x] 60m 60m Morning wash
[x] 120m 120m Check RSS feeds
[x] 20m 20m Daily brief
[x] 120m 120m Drop off friend
[ ] 30m PhD: Email intentions
[ ] 120m PhD: Prepare plan
[ ] 120m PhD: Code review
[ ] 60m PhD: Print latest journal
[ ] 60m PhD: Apply reviewer comments to paper
[ ] 30m Backup hard drive
[ ] 240m Review HITL journal paper
[ ] 240m CS: Black hole idea
[ ] 240m CS: Iris Messenger reboot
[ ] 30m Purchase new phone battery
[x] 30m 60m Switch in phone sim to old phone
[ ] 30m Check visa and passport tracking
[ ] 30m Reply Facebook comment
[ ] 30m Reply Zulip
[ ] 30m Pay rent
[x] 30m 30m Charge floppy disk camera
[x] 30m 30m Charge shaver
[x] 30m 30m Shave face
[x] 60m 60m Short shopping trip
[ ] 60m Prepare bag for trip tomorrow
1910m 590m Totals