Coffee Space





Done? Est Act Task
[x] 60m 60m Prepare main meal
[x] 60m 60m Morning wash
[x] 120m 60m Check RSS feeds
[x] 20m 20m Daily brief
[x] 15m 15m PhD: Corrections: Fix up MDPI formatting
[x] 60m 30m PhD: Corrections: Introduction
[x] 120m 60m PhD: Corrections: System Model
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Corrections: Baseline Algorithms
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Corrections: Simulation Setup
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Corrections: Discussion
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Corrections: Conclusion
[x] 45m 90m PhD: Corrections: Results
[ ] 120m PhD: Corrections: Algorithm
[ ] 240m PhD: Corrections: Background
[ ] 240m PhD: Corrections: Related Work
[ ] 120m PhD: Address remaining paper TODO items
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Review sent paper
[x] 60m 60m PhD: Fix results compiling and move legends
[ ] 120m PhD: Add error bars to results
[ ] 30m PhD: Email through latest version of the paper
[x] 60m 30m Hackday robot dog live chat
[x] 120m 120m Apply for passport renewal
[x] 120m 120m Phone visa office
[x] 30m 30m Generate required documents
[x] 60m 60m Post visa to UK
[x] 120m 120m Open visa renewal application
[x] 30m 30m Update PineTime firmware
[ ] 30m Reply Facebook comment
[ ] 30m Wash clothes
[ ] 30m Dry clothes
2180m 1085m Totals


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