Coffee Space





Done? Est Act Task
[x] 60m 60m Prepare main meal
[x] 60m 30m Morning wash
[x] 120m 120m Check RSS feeds
[x] 20m 20m Daily brief
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Check MDPI Sensors submission requirements
[x] 30m 60m PhD: Update work plan based on feedback
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Initial review and time planning
[x] 30m 60m PhD: Remove embedded comments in journal
[x] 60m 30m PhD: Add critical TODO's into paper from notes
[x] 60m 60m PhD: Review journal introduction
[x] 240m 240m PhD: Review journal related work
[x] 120m 120m PhD: Review journal background
[x] 120m 15m PhD: Review journal system model
[ ] 120m PhD: Review journal algorithm
[x] 60m 15m PhD: Review journal baseline algorithms
[x] 60m 15m PhD: Review journal simulation setup
[x] 120m 60m PhD: Review journal results
[x] 60m 30m PhD: Review journal discussion
[x] 60m 30m PhD: Review journal conclusion
[x] 30m 30m PhD: Email latest work plan and journal
[ ] 120m PhD: Convert to MDPI format
[ ] 60m PhD: Fix results compiling and move legends
[ ] 120m PhD: Add error bars to results
[ ] 240m PhD: Update related work section
[x] 30m 30m Update PineTime firmware
[x] 15m 15m Reply Slack
[x] 15m 15m Reply Whatsapp
[x] 15m 15m Reply Facebook
[ ] 30m Take passport photo
[ ] 120m Apply for passport renewal
[ ] 120m Open visa renewal application
[x] 120m 120m Large shopping trip
[ ] 30m Tidy room
[ ] 60m Clean bathroom
[ ] 60m Reply Facebook comment
2645m 1250m Totals