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Why I Dislike Mainstream Feminism

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NOTE: This article has been re-written since it’s original release. The original article made more attacks than it did good arguments, so I’ve revisited it to address this issue.


The type of feminism I refer to is what is generally referred to as third wave feminism, but generally represents the majority of feminism - at least for when this blog was written.

I feel as though there are a few points I must make before I go any further:

Now that’s over and done with, we can move on to more pressing subjects.

Pay Gap

What pay gap?

When you take a sweeping average across every person and what they do, on average women earn less. Let’s break this down and really see what this means.


Men dominate the top 5% of jobs as well as the bottom 5%. This seems to follow the trend of intelligence too - men’s intelligence generally has a much larger spread than women’s. For whatever reason, most likely genetic, women are less likely to have greater intelligence than men in the top end. That’s not to say there aren’t intelligent women and they cannot occupy the top 5%, but when you start to consider the intelligence distribution you begin to see this pattern.


Why are there barely any women that collect your rubbish, clean sewers, build houses or clean roads? From a young age, girls are told by society what jobs a woman should do and what jobs she ought not to.



Another consideration is genetics, the addition of high testosterone in men causes more competition and in general, competition is healthy. An anecdotal story would be with the friends I made at University where the guys would try to one-up on one another for higher grades, whereas the women in our group were satisfied with passing with 2:2. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but it may make a difference to success. With the cut throat environment of business, you need to be competitive in order to increase you chances of promotion.

Risk taking is also associated with success, we simply don’t talk about the times where it doesn’t work. You are only ever told about the cases where taking risks did work because again, our society loves to hear a Cinderella story about how somebody took a gamble and it paid off.

On the other side, there are also many cases where lack of testosterone make for a better employee - for example with driving, women tend to crash less. Unfortunately the jobs that tend not to favour personal competition also don’t seem to pay well.


Women are unfortunately not able to do some tasks that men can do. It’s simply a fact. It’s the reason why there are men’s and women’s categories at the Olympics. It’s not about bias, it’s simply our genetic heritage. Does that mean that women should be given a head start in races against men to even the balance? Of course not, it’s unhealthy to do so.

Yet, we see companies deciding to raise women’s pays to the equivalent of that of a man. This down right ridiculous. If you have a very small programming company of three people, where you are the owner and you employ one female and one male, things would be ridiculously out of whack. You pay yourself £60k as you’re the boss and you pay both your employees £30k each. The women would then receive an extra £15k simply for her gender. Am I missing the point or does this system actually create inequality?

This brings me onto my next topic…

Education Gap


Apparently there is a lack of women is STEM subjects in the UK. Where are the people crawling over themselves worried at night that there is an under-representation of males in Art, Sociology, English, Radiography, Nursing - to name just a few?! What about the fact that more women get a degree than men? This concern of feminism seems to be extremely biased.

Funding and Awards

Why are there awards that celebrate women in Science, give women special training courses, bursaries and awards for being female and successful, etc? Has the world gone mad? If I were to setup the opposite, a male only advantage, I would have feminists threatening to kill me. Only feminism has the right to be unfair?

Equal Opportunity vs Equal Outcome

This is the major point of these ramblings - equal opportunity vs equal outcome. Equal opportunity is allowing all people from all walks of life the same opportunity to do great things. Equal outcome is adding bias to make sure that the outcomes are the same.

Has anybody considered whether females generally want to be in STEM subjects? Is there anything wrong with wanting to start a family or being content with a less stress inducing job that requires your entire life’s devotion? Apparently there is according to feminism. So to solve this problem, they all take “Gender Studies” or some kind of made up academia such as this and become professional complainers, rather than taking the STEM subjects themselves.

It’s okay though, in this day and age you only have to complain enough and you’ll get exactly what you want.


You should definitely check out Thunderf00t’s other videos if you like what you see and I can only bow down to this genius. He’s only human and makes mistakes but on the whole I think you’ll find what he says is generally well researched and he’s nice to listen to. His videos seem like they’re made in something really tacky but tacky is something I like. Look at this site?!