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Who Will Fight?

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This article is a hard one to write, but it must be written for exactly this reason. It is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable.

We have been watching from afar the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We’ve watched as Russia invaded their lands and the people simple said “no”. I won’t go into the complexities of this political issue here, but it does start as the springboard for other thoughts.

Some people have commented in observation: “would people here in the UK do that same if Russia came knocking?”. To that, I don’t really know. As we’ve seen, the media and people are very happy to beat the war drum, but the reality of a war is quite a different thing. We must ask ourselves a very serious question about whether the population of the Country would fight and die to save it.


In 1997, a foul creature was elected to Prime Minister, named Tony Blair. Amongst his many shitty ideas (including an illegal war into Afghanistan and Iraq), was a new immigration policy:

According to Home Office statistics, the total number of migrants coming to the UK for more than one year rose from 326,100 in 1997 to 582,100 in 2004 while the net inflow (which accounts for emigration) increased from 46,800 to 222,600 (see Figure 1). The Government Actuary Department predicts net immigration to continue at 145,000 individuals per year. The foreign-born population living in the UK now totals 4.9 million, or 8.3 percent of the population.

This article was written in 2007. In 2019, the population born outside of the UK totals 14%. As they settle, these adults also have children. It’s not unreasonable to believe that quarter of these people have had at least one child in the UK since 2019, as mostly working-age adults (and therefore fertile) tend to migrate. This also only accounts for legal migration. We have zero idea regarding illegal immigration.

I would like to give more recent data, but the 2021 census data is delayed by a year now as they continue to ‘massage’ the data. I would not be surprised to learn if 20% of the UK’s population is born outside of the UK, and less than 70% of the population being able to identify as white-British (the native indigenous people).

With so much of the UK’s population being dual-nationals, or their parents are dual-nationals, how many of them will stick around and fight when the going gets tough? Or, as we saw in Ukraine, will the dual-nationals flee? Bare in mind, a significant number of these people consider the Union Jack to be a racist symbol, how many of those people would fight under its banner?

Look at London for example. In 2019 it was estimated that some 37% of the population are migrants. These are people who likely have no allegiance to Britain, when the bombs start dropping they are on the first flight out. The nation’s capital is filled to the brim with people who have no national unity with the UK and would not fight for it. Hell, they may even turn on Westminster if they thought it could benefit them personally.

Perhaps Angela Merkel, the German leader that allowed for some 1+ million Syrian refugees into Germany alone, has an interesting point to make in 2010:

Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Union party, Merkel said the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily “side by side” did not work.

She said the onus was on immigrants to do more to integrate into German society.

“This [multicultural] approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel told the meeting in Potsdam, west of Berlin, yesterday.


What can we do?

Obviously the answer is not to kick all immigrants out, law-abiding people who have settled in the UK now have a right to stay here. What we can do is slow down net migration and tackle the issue of national unity. We need to ensure that migrants understand, respect and want to adopt our values, such as freedom and equality of opportunity. They must be able to speak the English language, understand our history, and have some form of loyalty.

We need to prevent the forming of closed-off communities. These areas can be found quite easily, the local schools teach in languages other than English, the local signage is in languages other than English and more generally, the local population is predominantly immigrants. In these places, we often see the adoption of rules and culture as practised in their home nations, such as Sharia-law.

People may be concerned that this appears to be somewhat racist - to which I say this: If the Country of origin has such great culture and values, why is this person choosing to migrate here? What is is about this Country that they are attracted to, and what can we do to ensure that value is not lost? Bare in mind, many of these people move to the UK to escape an ideology, only to have it applied to them in some sub-nation based in the UK.

Guess who agrees with me… That’s right - Tony Blair, the creator of these issues. Amongst many brain farts he had to address these issues:

Blair writes: “In this report, we make it clear that there is a duty to integrate, to accept the rules, laws and norms of our society that all British people hold in common and share, while at the same time preserving the right to practise diversity, which is fully consistent with such a duty.

“Without the right to, for example, practise one’s faith, diversity would have no content; but without the duty to integrate, ‘culture’ or ‘faith’ can be used as a way of upsetting that basic social contract that binds us together.

“Government cannot and should not be neutral on this question. It has to be a passionate advocate and, where necessary, an enforcer of the duty to integrate while protecting the proper space for diversity. Integration is not a choice; it is a necessity.”

Finally, we need to address the elephant in the room. The reason why we need so much migration is because we have an ageing population. As medicine gets better, this problem only gets worse. Firstly we need a well funded pension scheme even at the cost of higher taxes. Secondly, we need to encourage local people with British values to have children with British values, therefore concentrating national unity.

If anybody has any other ways to address these concerns, I will be most definitely willing to hear them. I can say for certain that unless we do something to cement our culture and values into the population, there will be nobody left to fight for them.