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Update 2

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This past week or so has been a challenging time for the entire of New Zealand, after the awful attacks by a lone wolf terrorist on two local Mosques. It’s been hard on myself and those around me to get things done and to continue with day to day life. This has had a knock on effect, some bad news from my supervisors plus a general feeling of demotivation around me has lead to myself also slowing down considerably.

That all being said, time hasn’t paused in the last few weeks and I have greatly underachieved in what I set out to accomplish - and for this I have myself to blame. By the next update I need to have achieved a great range of tasks in order to be back on track with where I ought to be. In order to do this I must make several changes:

I’ll trial these two simple changes and see how it goes over the next two weeks. I also now have a better long term approach to thinking about the various tasks that will need to be completed, here is the overview (source created using Ditaa):

Long term project goals


I ran into some issues with this and realized I was making an incorrect assumption about the domain space, something that will be fixed in the next upcoming days.

Changing the config from the debug server
Displaying video in the debug server

This has unfortunately become a dead end, it is highly unlikely we will receive funding from this avenue and even less likely it will end up beneficial for us in the long run.

We now have the Computer Science department on board and interested, so it is likely that we now can make the full funding amount.


In the next coming update I plan to have done:

Stretch and reach goals:

Next Update: The 9th of April looks like a good point for this.