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RoboCup 2017

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Please note that this is being written a considerable number of days after having left Japan, so details may be blurry!


We have arrived and damn it is hot out here. Coming from New Zealand where the weather was ~7 degrees to 30+ degree weather is quite the shift in temperature. The humidity was also quite something. My suggestion for anybody else would be to certainly take on lots of fluid!

Navigating for somebody who speaks English is difficult in Japan, but possible. There are occasional hints around the place that mean everything to a foreigner trying to travel. I feel slightly guilty as an English speaking person from the UK - it must be a difficult place for a lot of people to navigate. Thank goodness not everybody is like us, meaning foreigners like me can travel about places.

I was glad to somehow navigate to my hotel and finally be able to rest, waiting for my comrades to join from the United Kingdom.

Setup Days

During the setup days, we did the following:


The first round, no goals were scored, in our entire group. It went to penalty shoot out, which we relatively easily won with our good stability and ability to see the ball. Slowly kicking the ball into the goal turned out to be a good tactic for us.

Towards the end of our competition, we were able to start turning back on older features, such as looking for goals and using the kick selector for choosing which foot is optimal - and the ability to turn to kick the ball into the goal. There was a bug (that may have possibly been in there since the beginning) where it’s possible to collect too many observations and run out of RAM.

Another feature we tried to implement was a “walk onto the field” behaviour. Although simple, there was a lot of advantage to having this behaviour working, such as having more players on the field at the start of the game. It was after implementing the majority of this code did we realize that our state machine is not easily understandable. When three PhD students can’t make heads or tails of it, it’s probably time to simplify the code.

Unfortunately, the fixes didn’t come in time for our match in the quarter finals and we lost.


Bad points:

Good points:


Afterwards, we decided to explore some of Japan in the few days we had. We went from Nagoya, to Kyoto, to Tokyo.