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Review - Wireless Headphones

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Three pairs of wired headphones broken within a year, enough is enough and I decide: “Try and break the wires if there are no wires!”. As with most things I buy, to figure out whether or not I would really use the object if I had it, I bought it cheap as a test. With this is the expectation that it won’t deliver what it promises, but the idea is that I can gauge whether I get frustrated enough to need a better version - of the whole idea was a fad.


With that I purchases the unbranded “Wireless Headphones” from Banggood and 20 or so days later, they arrived:

Wireless Headphones

Lets have a look at the claims the site makes vs what has been experienced in daily use for two months:

Feature Claim Actual
Microphone Yes Unsure
Wired Control No Apparently via USB
Bluetooth V3.0 It works fine
Transmission Distance 10m At least 5m
Sensitivity 115dB Unsure
Impedance 32 Ohms Unsure
Frequency Response 20-20kHz Unsure
Charging Time 2hr About right
Working Time 8-10hr About 4 hours
Standby Time 250hr Unsure


Some unexpected features:

I paid $20.86 NZD for them delivered to my house - and they come with my full recommendations. Baring in mind the price, they amazingly good.