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Reading Books

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I don’t read enough books. My excuse is always something like “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have the quiet needed”, etc.

And yet, every night before bed I have the poor habit of watching Youtube videos as I drift off to sleep.

My first book in quite some time

For my first book I have Calculus Essentials for dummies, a series of books I happen to have a lot of respect for since they helped me learn programming way-back-when in Visual Basic 6.

Why a mathematics beginners book? Well, I haven’t done proper mathematics in years. I was terrible at it when I first did it and things have not gotten better since.

Don’t get me wrong, I can read a paper and make heads and tails of it - but I lean very heavily on my understanding of algorithms and programming to do it. My understanding of formal mathematics is exceptionally bad.

The worst thing is that I actually enjoy mathematics (at least I think I did), especially small problems that interest me. I used to spent my entire time during A-levels either programming, building circuits or working on mathematical problems.

An anecdote from that time is that I was listening to the A-level match teacher (a nice chap named Scott) speak about computational complexity. After some thinking, I scribbled down a formulae that described complexity for all types of problems. The math teachers then spent their personal time after college proving that it was correct in all cases, and my teacher was very happy to inform me the next day that it was correct. The very worst part is that I can’t remember what I wrote!

I always had a good aptitude for the subject, but back then I was too young to pay it any attention and have never revisited it since. I do still dabble in the subject, but my lack of knowledge in the area is really hindering me.

Wish me luck with this goal!