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PHP Replacement

For the purpose of explanation the proposal will be called BoPLE (Best Programming Language Ever).


Because PHP is a hacked piece of rubbish, it doesn’t take a genius to work that out. If you would like a better explanation please visit another site - this is not where this site wants to concentrate it’s efforts.

Lessons Learned

The following is what has been learnt from the PHP language:


So the basic concept so far is that the server is the main controller and doesn’t have to be all the fast. This could be written in Java and have several compiler in it, read to be unpacked per the operating system it’s on. It then compiles each one of the pages, which consists of taking the BoPLE code files and compiling them such that the normal web code stays as is and is just printed at the correct times. The BoPLE code (in <?BoPLE> tags)is then compiled using implemented C++ methods.

Important parts of code:

After the code is compiled, the user simply makes a request to the server and the mini-program is run. The output is then read by the server that ran that sub-program and spits this back out to the expecting user - who will be pleasantly surprised at how fast their page arrived.


I guess some time in the future there will be an implementation of this. I have a feeling that businesses keep you really busy working on things that earn them money so that you don’t come up with better ideas… Or perhaps cause and effect is the wrong way around!