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Orb Copter

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Item can be found here.

The item in question is the “orb-copter”, with the following features:

Charging cable

The charging cable is USB powered, but unfortunately comes with a propriety connector for the connector to the copter itself. This is most likely to avoid any patent payment for the USB connector.

First Things First

That speaker had to come out!


To do this, I crudely just ripped the speaker connection from their solder pads. I then taped the ends of the wired for safety, as the copter has a habit of ending a flight on a crash.

Benefits for this:


So, I decided to review the flight time of the crazy thing and got 06:51:02 (MM:SS:mm) out of it on a fairly average flight, with the speaker removed. I do the following calculation and learn some things:

Therefore we can work out power consumption:

That’s insane! That’s a much lower power consumption than I would have imagined. That’s the highest number it could be, given the battery manufacturer is likely to under achieve on power provided! The power consumption required here for flight is comparable to that of of a microcontroller.

In theory, we could achieve endless flight with a small 5V, 0.2W polycrystalline solar panel and endless sunlight.


For the £3.23 I paid for this item - it’s awesome value. It’s amazing that you can get something that flies for that long, for this price. Just the battery alone would be this price, so I would recommend this purchase for the parts alone.

As for kids, I think they will get bored quickly. It’s a pretty throwaway-able product, there’s no real different interaction each time as it’s pretty predictable. That said, a great stocking filler!