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Obesity PSA

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If you do nothing else today, give the video by BackReaction (Sabine Hossenfelder) a watch.

Why care? You may think that cancer is bad, or Russia vs Ukraine will kill you in a World War, or some other disaster scenario. In fact, obesity is far more likely to kill anybody reading this article, through direct or indirect causes. As Sabine suggests, direct and indirect results from an overly obese population is far worse.

As a fat person, I am qualified to say the following: Fat acceptance is the most disgusting thing I could imagine. Let me qualify this: Fat people deserve to be happy, they deserve to have fitting clothes, to be represented, to be accommodated, to have healthcare, etc. Where my problem lays is where it is promoted and glorified, you are not healthy at any weight.

Given that GP/NHS access these days is incredibly hard to find (despite being paid for…), I would like to add some information I have learned over time:

  1. Exercise is not essential for weight loss. In fact, exercise for people who are morbidly obese can be dangerous, or outright deadly. Controlling the food you eat is massively more important.
  2. It is all about carbohydrates, then calories. Carbohydrates have easily accessible sugars and your body has to make very little effort to convert them to fats. Fats themselves are actually much harder to convert to body fat.
  3. Not all proteins are the same. Plant proteins are not nearly as good as animal proteins. Animal proteins tend to be really lean, and their fats are better for you. Don’t get me started about soy.
  4. Sugar free is (mostly) a lie. Firstly, sugar free in many Countries is done by portion size. Some small mints for example are “sugar free”, despite being exclusively being made from sugar. Also some sweeteners that are commonly used in “sugar free” products actually have a worse glycemic index (GI) (how your body reacts to sugars in the blood) than sugar itself. For example, a sweetener I purchased the other day (that tastes awful) contains maltodextrin, which has a higher GI than sugar!
  5. Watch our for fructose. I won’t go over it here, but it’s insanely bad for you.
  6. Humans cannot get fat eating green salad. The energy in salad is trapped in fibre, and unlike many other mammals, we lack the stomach to break it down and process it. You can eat as much as you want, and will likely use more energy in the digestion than you could ever hope to gain from it.
  7. Salt isn’t that bad. Don’t eat enough to make your heart race, but also don’t obsess about it. Humans need salt, it’s a basic electrolyte!


One thing I get commonly asked is “How do I motivate myself to do it?”. The answer is different for everybody, but for me it is quite simple.

For me, obesity is somewhat related to a depression cycle. I get fat, get depressed about the fact I am fat, eat to make myself feel better about it, get fatter.

This is a loop of self-destruction. For me the break-through is always to convert a negative destruction loop into a positive one. If I am going to kill myself with some activity, better it be diet and exercise. I convert extreme eating to extreme healthy actions.

Another question I get asked is “How do I start?”. Start now. There will always be an excuse not to start. Some part of you must simply say “Fuck it, now is the time. This moment is the time, no other moment will do.”.

You may also ask “How do I hold myself accountable?”. For me, I say that cheat days are unacceptable. I may have a bad meal, but it will be because there was no other choice. I do not give myself an easy way out.


As I regularly tell people these days, pick a realistic goal. A realistic goal may be something like 0.5 stone loss per month (for an obese person).

Bare in mind, the first month weight loss will be really easy, so don’t set your expectation of progress based just on this. In those first weeks you will loose an exceptional amount due to water weight.

Kicking off Dieting

Some people struggle to switch to healthy food. I always do this in a few stages:

  1. Throw away or give away all unhealthy food.
  2. Allow myself to eat unlimited amounts of healthy food, to the point where I get sick of them.
  3. Begin to reduce calories and carbohydrates.

Generally I suggest the select from the following (keto bias):

There are a very rare few processed items you could also try:

For more information, checkout other blogs on keto foods. Just be careful following some of them recipes out there, they can cheat to make it look better than it actually is.

Exercise for the Obese

The best exercise you can do as an obese person is walking (low impact cardio) and weights (short-time, high energy).

As somebody who is obese you are already carrying around a large amount of weight, so normal low-effort cardio exercises are exceptionally good for you. You can expect to use more than double the energy to do the same exercise as somebody at a normal weight.

As a result of being fat, you will have created large muscles to carry and manipulate this weight. Simply activating these muscles uses an enormous amount of energy, so lifting weights is a very good exercise.

In terms of routine, consider the following (this was mine a while back):

  1. For 4 out of the 7 days of a week, do a 15 minute lap somewhere, going as fast or slow as you think you can manage. When this becomes easier, increase the distance by 5 minutes each time, until you can just about complete the walk. Those rest days are important! Once you can reach 15k+ steps or walk for 2 hours straight, consider a short light jog instead.
  2. As you are walking, another exercise you may consider is upper body. Consider getting some dumbbells and practice several different exercises, alternating between arms and muscle groupings. Do 10 of each type on each arm, then rotate the type. Aim to do 100 in total (50 each arm). You can slowly increase the repetitions when this becomes easier. If you reach 200 repetitions, increase the weight, go back down to 100.

If at any time your body is telling you something is wrong, listen to it. Dial back the amount or intensity of exercise and slowly bring it back up.


I hope you found this interesting. Please contact me if you found this useful.

Stay well, stay health folks!