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Late Night #poem

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Dripping candle wax onto the black hole of reality

Sands form merrily between the cracks in the curtains

We weave our webs to fend off leering insanity

And lose sight of our hopes and dreams of certainty

The whisperers tip-toe ever more closely

A quick glance to ensure we’re still alone

Our mental faculty intact - mostly

We reminisce of times passed and gone

An inferno pierces into the shadows

Darkness fades as sunlight shone

Lowered head drifting to the gallows

For these sins we atone

At the final resting place

Head lay for the knife

We beat the clock this race

For the PhD life


The theme of the poem is working into the early hours of the morning to meet a PhD deadline. As the sun starts to rise and time is running out, the thought processes become more frantic and less sane. The dark overtone generally reflects the anti-social nature of working incredible hours.

There are two experiments here, one is is the idea of using a # to label the type of post, the other is in posting some of the random thoughts/ideas I have. Let me know what you think of these experiments.

P.S. The poetry is bad, but I was partially inspired to put some words to paper by MayVaneDay, but realized it’s been a very long time since I last wrote some and that I’m not nearly as good at it as I once thought!