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Disclaimer: I’m far from an Elon Musk fan and believe he got to where he is with some luck and some family money. I believe most of his ideas are quite dumb (read: Hyperloop, solar roofs, Telsa auto-pilot, humanoid robot, etc), but there is also merit in diversifying and learning from failures. Ultimately my position on him is mostly neutral, so this is not a defence article of him or his actions.

Encase you have been living under a rock, Elon Musk purchased Twitter. Why is this important? Well, people have been freaking out.

Why? Because Elon Musk intends to somewhat shift the left-wing bias of Twitter towards a more neutral bias. Apparently, this is the absolute worst thing to have ever happened - ever. It appears nobody is willing to wait and see how this all plays out.

Additionally, people are mad that Elon Musk and a group of Tesla employees that he trusts, have gone through the Twitter employees and intend to cull 25%. This entirely makes sense. Elon Musk is not really an engineer, so he would bring in engineers he trusts to evaluate other engineers.

I can’t find the article now, but people were complaining along the lines of ‘you cannot judge an employee by number of commits’. Accept, you kind of can. Employees had no prior warning about the metric that would be used to judge them, and small numbers of low-quality commits over several years is not a good sign of a valuable engineer.

Is there fat in the company? Yes. Check this out:

After engineers, some of Twitter’s highest paid employees work in sales, where several earn more than $300,000, according to documents viewed by The Post.

You may be able to justify that in your head by doing backflips, but remember this: Twitter doesn’t actually sell anything. These people probably get paid more than they raise in advertising, insane.

Earlier this year, Musk told prospective partners in the deal that he planned to cut nearly 75 percent of Twitter’s total workforce, which would leave the company with about 2,000 employees, according to interviews and documents obtained by The Post. Musk last week told employees when he visited Twitter’s headquarters that he didn’t plan to cut three-fourths of the workforce.

And so he should. Assuming each employee earns on average $50k a year (very low-ball), with 8k employees we’re talking $400M in wages alone. This is a lot of employees for a company with very little to no turnover.

Lastly, it feels fitting to echo the comment made so many times when certain political leanings have been told when they complain about biases on social media:

Private companies can do whatever they want.

Apparently, now somebody has come for your platform, it’s no longer the case.

‘You get what you fucking deserve’

As you can imagine, I do not feel sorry for these people. I cannot feel empathy for those that refuse to feel empathy for others, just because their ideologies do not match.