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Domain Name

Have just purchased a domain name ( for 10 years for about £42. The way I see it: for £4.20 a year I have somewhere stable to point my visitors. I bought this with I had a good experience with them on a previous domain and the price they offered was one I was willing to pay.

I do (at the time of writing) have the free but in the terms and conditions they basically allow themselves to do whatever they like which really sucks. With this option I can extend to run anything I would like, including sub-domains for example.

I hope the domain works okay as I personally don’t know much about DNS at this time. All I know is it has a * and @ “type” or something. It works in my browser!

NOTE: The “.tk” service was good - with just one downfall. It downloaded additional data to the user’s browser with reporting to Google to pay their ends. Whilst understandable, there’s no point in designing a site to be fast and minimal if the URL adds junk on top!