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@barray on Thu Jun 17 15:32:29 EDT 2021 said: &e
I have a #theory that #coins are about to be taken out of circulation in favour of #microtransactions https://aardvark.co.nz/daily/2021/0618.s.. I believe we will first see the banning of #crypto and then a government-backed version will emerge from the likes of #visa or #mastercard - after which will become #microtax on person to person transactions. Watch this space, I really believe it will happen.
@barray on Wed Jun 02 23:24:03 EDT 2021 said: &e
I think #aardvark has this idea the wrong way around - #tax hikes will drive people to #crypto - but governments will preempt this and outlaw crypto: https://aardvark.co.nz/daily/2021/0603.s.. I suspect we will also see #microtransactions pushed *very* soon, to allow #microtax on smaller transactions. Watch this space!