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@barray on Wed Oct 13 00:20:35 EDT 2021 said: &e
I never considered #uranium as a #precious #metal before, but it makes sense to hold it given how little there is and how #valuable it is to the #energy #industry https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/most-a.. Makes just as much sense as #coal at this point, perhaps even more so as #countries struggle with the #energy #crisis and have been forced to buy tonnes of #coal at terrible rates.
@barray on Sat Jul 24 11:20:36 EDT 2021 said: &e
This is actually an interesting point being made - if the thing you purchase is too #valuable - you become afraid to make real use of it: https://elazzabi.com/2021/07/24/the-beau.. I also have a #cheap #smartwatch from #pine called the #pinetime - it's in the price range that if it gets damaged, I'll just buy another. It has already outlast every other smart watch I ever had and I get a ridiculous amount of use out of it, even convincing other people they would like one.